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The economic crash in 2008 and the Covid-19 provided a solid foundation for emerging tech companies to play a dominant role in changing how we live, work, social, shop and leading the global economic growth. The cultural narratives, predominantly the "new work lifestyle" from the tech unicorn like Google and Meta (Facebook) became the holy grail for various economic sectors to pursue because it encourages the innovation spirit and it is much more relevant to the future talents; New tech companies, non-tech-oriented startups and corporate started to follow suit. Offices and campuses are designed to be comfortable like our home and to be extremely convenient like how our neighborhoods are being planned to enable the idea work-live synergy; Tech Offices today has undoubtedly displayed a great exemplar on how we can approach office design in a more humane way. However, what we are concerning now is the potential echo chamber building up within the current typologies of walled tech offices that could cause the innovative culture to regress in the future.

Superforum is a research and design strategy project for B+, an emerging tech start up to establish their first standalone campus/office. B+ wanted to position their first office to be a creative melting pot where constant innovation would occur effortlessly and to attract new investors and talents. As an emerging unicorn, they also recognise that the importance of projecting a positive public image with their first real estate project and B+ would have to take the extra miles to be different from the tech unicorns. We see this as an opportunity for us to revisit the contemporary progression history of an office, to re-examine the future of office in the Age of Big Techs and to synthesis a possible strategic move for B+.

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Gensler Application-02.jpg
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Gensler Application-02.jpg
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