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Objects, space, and living beings in films and photographs were designed to fulfilled the requirement of the script, it is artificial, unreal, fake and replicated. Feeling, expressions, behaviours and emotions aren’t at its purest form in the scripted medium, because he/she has been instructed to act for the filming process. It is purely the art of performing and mimicking. The purest form of expression and emotion being express is by reacting towards something provoking. It forces out at least 20 distinctive different facial expression and the 7 common emotions that we as a human being have. What If some sort of movie sets nor scenes from the movie script been extracted out and build it in the actual environment that functions, like the public spaces, would it be a total different thing. The inhabitants of the space is the actor of from the movie script, the installations of the sets is the catalyst that manipulate the acts of the inhabitants. Turning the authenticity of expressions to be the act of the drama from the script. But who is the protagonist and the antagonist in such experimental and such format? It depends on the storyline itself, every scene has it’s own protagonist and antagonist which it can be back and foreground of each scene . Otherwise, the scene manipulator has higher hierarchy than the other entity because the object itself is the main driver of the scene. Apart from that, the antagonist is a character that is designed to have conversation with the protagonist, the protagonist forced the antagonist to react against it. The installation infill to the certain space has to be spontaneous and anonymous, it has no certain date to alarm and notify the end users that something is coming. Therefore, it creates a moment of curiosity in the altered space changes how one perceives the space and react towards the spatial disparity. The ample space around the corridor was pregnant with alienated form of blockage, looks like an egg and an additional decorative structure. People was deceived by the installation, because it was built there as a medium to record their behaviour change towards the sets. The truth behind this installation, it wasn’t a structure of obstruction, it is a void . it is a portal to the another space, a space that disconnected from the surrounding. The actor will disappear from the frame when he/ she enter to the particular inner space. In a way this installation also acts as the transitional scene from movie scene 1 to 2 from a script. But this scene is purely based on the consciousness of the inhabitant in the reality.

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