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 If structures were the potent legacy of Elysium Field, then the place is designed with the rhetoric nature of denial, Liberty and democracy are more over the icing of the cake, speech and expression become the suicidal tool of the inhabitants. Where is the next place that is a no place?

We, as the citizens have once witnessed the cost of voicing out political opinions/ ideas as a responsible democratic citizen is dreadful in our context. Indeed, “they said it was for the country safety purposes” but Lincoln once said let the citizen know the truth, the country will be safe. The quote emphasized on transparency and democracy which every individual have equal rights to voice out, to know and to accept criticism. And freedom of speech was seen as an offensive act towards the government based on their recent action towards the people who provoked thru media and rally. The situation depicted there was no ground for dissent act and stage for public opinions. Hence, there was no leeway for freedom of expression at all in the daily basis where an article by Human Rights Watch mentioned that the people cultivated a sense of self-censorship as an individual basis because of the repressive law. It significantly caused the lost of voice and idea which it is so potent for to maintain nor improve a self-manage and collaborative society where it needs the opinions of the masses in order to sustain the social structure. And the only time we actually get to see the citizens voice out their inner opinions thru placement, words, writings, drawings, speeches, and recordings was on the day of Bersih Rallies which the hetero-landscape that appear once in the blue moon allowed them to do so mainly because it has the power of the masses. It lead us to hypothesised that, the kind of landscape only appear in the level of mass occupation that shown the glimpse of the power of democracy but it is impossible for that kind of landscape to happen in the intimate level where we also wonder that the practice of speech should be on daily basis not by event basis yet the place could make that possible is a no place.

The bipolar personalities of the house

Although the house tends to sleep and stay introverted most of the time it did not cease to alienate itself from the society where the alter ego of the house was to stay awake all the time because of it's over curious soul to know more things from the surroundings and social. The long sleep does not shut its ear but shut its skin to react towards a certain stimulus. In order to keep the surrounding noise with speech and words, the house opens a few parts of itself to attract the attention of the people. She knows if she grants food to the people, the people will come to her and tell her some stories about what they feel about the nature that they lived in but all she wanted to educate the people a lesson about choice and decision. Only two choices of the food she offered to the people across the street and everyone has to decide among themselves on what food they will be eating next. To be fair, she prepared a poll for the people to vote and it was a purpose to dictate them to plan their choice because the choices they made collectively will contribute to their welfare. But what she opened up next is a room to let the people speak themselves out privately because to know the people so badly about what they are thinking when they are leaving in this utopia of others. Do they happy, or sad, who are the people? She wanted the information so she can help the people who lived in this silent universe. Her sleep is not an act of rest but an act of reserve to make she can stay put to render an image of society to the utopia. Due to her bipolar personality which could categorize as her split personality would make her felt over-worried about the people who gave up on the truth and life resulted in her to reveal the things that she was doing when she was asleep. And what she revealed was only a small segment of a message from the big picture. Knowingly, she understands the people well that not everyone has the wisdom to digest the things she produces. Therefore, she made the book of wisdom with the message collected to educate the people where her twin sister who function as a library to allow the masses access to the public knowledge created by the people for the people. The only day that the house woke up is when judgment day comes, the freedom day that people were given the chance to voice out as much as they wanted to. This is the day where the house will reveal all the messages that she collected from the people and the picture that she rendered to provocate. The awakening of the house symbolized the crit day of the utopia. She became the tool for the people to present their ideas to the utopia.  

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