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Us: A brief inquiry on human-machine relationship

This is an inquiry on humanity’s brief relationship with the machines. Today we hate and love our machines at the same time. We trust it because it continually drives us into performing acts that excite us. We brought it with us wherever we go because it gave us access to the information we need. And most importantly, stay connected with the “people beyond our reach.” But all these functions are designed to fulfill our needs, expand our abilities In production and even speculate on our potential needs nowadays. Therefore, that is why we are all somehow having an ambiguous relationship with our machines especially the domesticated ones like Smartphones, Smart homes, And Smart companions. The Smartness imposed security and insecurity turning Trust into fear. On the other hand, we know you need this friend, but we also know that it can go against us if things went wrong like pets. Are we capable enough to understand them as they know us?

Jowin Foo_Final_us_final.jpg
Jowin Foo_Final_us_final.jpg
Jowin Foo_Final_us_final2.jpg
Jowin Foo_Final_us_final2.jpg
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Jowin Foo_Final_us_final8.jpg

Team members:  Jowin Foo, Shodai Kayama, JingChen Xie

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