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The Exordium 1.0

Last year, space 10 initiated a housing research project called the One Shared House 2030 with Anton & Irene that invites the public to participate in the speculative process of future housing. The project was developed as a response to the urban housing crisis that global cities will face in the coming decades. It was clear that population growth is an inevitable factor as this is a natural phenomenon that we all can’t stop. Are we really short of housing? However, we think that the cost of housing is the Achilles heel of the urban housing crisis. Co-Living and Co-Working startups mushroomed in recent years around the globe with the vision to solve the issue at the same time promote the idea of Homo-Oeconomicus. Somehow it is counter-productive. Though we can’t deny that the “co” movement is indeed successful as this modal has assisted many individuals to achieve their entrepreneurial dream whilst liberate many that wanted to sustain their life based on the ad-hoc economy. Furthermore, Paul Virilio was right about one thing in which the invention of the ship also the invention of the shipwreck. This is because we speculate that the success of “co” movement also mark the forthcoming of another crisis like the rise of youth city and the decline of the reproduction rate. We view that the “co” movement is a gateway for youth to migrate into the city as the city is the heart of the market resources and the current co model of housing do not promote the nature of mankind in which as simple as having a family. Thus, if this condition sustained in long term, we fear that our future would be close to the dystopian future, Children Of Men depicted by P.D James. Do we really want to live in the American sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S reality? Is this the end of the family ?

Home 3D Model_For board 3 details_colour
interior painting.jpg
exterior painting.jpg

Team members:  Jowin Foo, Jane Ooi

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