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Kingdom City

Homogeneous city

"We can't afford to let everyone to live in the heaven with us, not everyone can ascend to The Heaven because we need to maintain our own power and authority inherited from our beloved ancestors. And the only way we can do is invent a multiverse that could segregate and design the individual's destiny. Everyone has a utopia in their head that could prevent each level of social classes from crossing path towards each other. The utopias are just a microcosm of our heavenly universe."- The Father.

In the Year 2300, Urbia was nothing but a machine, all living beings were forced to be the actors or the proletariat to sustain the machine's seductive nature. Nevertheless, localism has become a myth ever since globalized capitalism become the hegemony to govern the standards of living of all being on earth. Hence, the most efficient way is to make them all the same. However, it does not only provoke the sense of utilitarian but also tyranny from the man with power. Alas, the homogeneity can be only seen via the eye of a creator. The three generations of miseries started when Neoliberal capitalism successfully maintained it's aging hegemony until the late 21st century, It was no longer we can look at the idea of universal basic income. Which it meant the majority of individuals or family will suffer from a major pandemic of poverty due to the jobs in the market will be taken over by superintelligent machines because the cost was much lower than hiring an educated professional. In the capitalist economy, no work means no food on the table unlike how the socialist economy functions. Therefore, the only way to survive is to convert their private assets into the marketable product. Hence, everyone sacrificed their balcony and part of their living space and turn it into a billboard panel to serve the big corporate advertising needs. However, only the 2% will not have to sacrifice their balconies, facades and spaces instead they will be the one who expands their spaces to display their social status. Nevertheless, the facade is like a mirror of society that reflects what the particular generation of societal beliefs and the above conditions portrays that branding and market have become their religion.

Long live the facade

"Everyone should think at their level, limitation, illusions are the power to strengthening our heavenly system. No history, no memories but New history and New memory day by day created by the destiny machine should maintain our heaven from falling apart! It certainly made us the unseen God with everlasting lives".- The Father.

After many years of the left wing failed to intervene the neoliberal capitalist system as well as the robust right-wing government, the leaders found that folk politics do not have the substantial power to take down the unfair system because of their reliance on the capitalist resources to survive in the end. From Occupy movement to the most extreme types of dissent act like isolating community still nothing much has changed. They feared that this failure like this will led them into carrying the act of terrorism that used force to take down the undesirable system. Hence, the leftist thought that sleep may be the best way to protest since the act of hibernation could reduce the consumption of resource catered by the capitalist and it would weaken the market hungry system. However, the method is called “Sleep until the new reality comes”, a new mode of protest and exile through sleep. Hence, to make this happen all commoners must go to the sleeping parlor in order to carry out the ritual of peaceful dissent with each other. The chamber is filled with sleeping gas and the bell will be the center of the universe since when it rings, it marks the new age has come which also means the left has won

“The destiny machine was invented to contain designed destinies of the people who live below the heaven. The destinies are designed by the thought-makers and image makers to be injected to the people consciousness via a thought capsule embedded in their brain during the first year of neo-capitalist government ruling. Destinies are made up of the mass data designed by the expert in The ministry of imagination. But lately, the population of the human being has expanded in great scale, the destinies machines were converted into a thought mining machine to mind mass thoughts efficiently. The ministry thinks that the mining of thoughts would reduce the crime rate of thought crime.” - God of imagination, Ministry of imagination

The far right has governed the society peacefully for two generations ever since the left has given up on fighting them, the neo-capitalist Goliath with their traditional method. They slept for almost two generations hoping the society will collapse on its own one day. History has been long abandon by the government because there's so much value in it that it will threaten the current structure of society. So they destroy every living history, structures and buried it in a highly secure digital archive on top of the Ministry of Imagination in hope that it won't leaked out. However, the government was still insecure about it, they took further steps to indoctrinate the young mind with an anti-memory ideology in which it propagates "history is contagious, it is a new virus that will influence your mind to do something atrocious, in which it is so dangerous that could trigger a civil war. The peaceful days of their governance did not last long as the memories suddenly revealed in a virtual format and flooded into the materialistic city via holograms and augmented realities then disrupted the mechanism of the whole city. At this moment, the bell in the sleeping chamber started to ring.

Sleep revolution

“When the bell in the sleeping chamber rang, and when the ministry of imagination declared an emergency to the state asking all people evacuated to stay in the refuge room. The defined boundaries between fear and love, hope and terror, good and evil, truth and lies cease to exist immediately as the ringing of the leftist bell signified the inception of war with the heavens. In short, judgement day is here. The awakening of the leftist first expressed thru the bell, next territorial invasion by superimposed a new anti-state leftist utopia. The Umbrella blossom on that 6th day of April as a welcoming gesture to the society as well as a gesture to declare a revolution. The leftists had waited and prepared for this day to come for almost 2 centuries of isolations. The blossoming is just the start of the coup d'etat.” - Seraphicents Daily

It was the day that the whole city stood still. Holographic memories were popping up in every corner of the city while the guardians of the state dropping both virtual and physical code red warnings all over the urbanscapes. There was no chaos before the rain which means that everything was in absolute order. Thus, No one was left on the street as the ministry has warned the people that the reckoning is near. Fear was instilled among the public via the Destiny chip in their brain with tons of fear-arousing consciousness that were formulated with the age-old terror memories with the Destiny Machine. The ambiguous feeling of fear keeps them out the street and distracted the public focus on reality. However, not all them was gone, it was only the coded citizens were isolated from the world. When the state tries to isolate themselves from the nemesis they have created, there was an awakening at the same time. New impromptu territories were blossoming out of nowhere while the leftists emerged out from their respective chambers. The Ministry and the public knew this was the start of the judgement day but there was no other sign of dissent act apart from the direct territorial invasion. The blossom of the territory was beautiful enough to catch the attention of the public. The world out there was not as terrible as what the ministry has illustrated to them.

“Ministry of Imagination is a place where all governmental certified thinkers and historian work together to destroy, create history, horror stories and ideological knowledge for the society. Inside the ministry lies a forbidden chamber that is designed to contain all memory of the past as well the thoughts all the past. Since the government has declared that history is the new virus that could bring down the human society. Hence, the government legislate a law that all living citizens must install artificial memory bank in their brain. With that, they are able to transmit new ideological knowledge unconsciously to the people making them obey the order. Basically, the new ideological knowledge is like a new religion to them. A religion that they pray for knowledge and protection from the past memories. Ministry of imagination does not exist in the commoner dictionary because to them the ministry of imagination is one of the heaven/ gods they pray to. Only the government and 2% knew this place since they are the tyrant of the neo-capitalist society.The ministry of imagination and the other ministries hovered above the cities, we are invisible because we used the man-made cloud to cover their tracks and existence. In a nutshell, they control thought and trace thought-crime from the skies, in a way we are playing god.” - God of Imagination, Ministry of Imagination.

It was extremely mesmerising as if it was part of the paradise fallen from the sky. The innocent public began to walk out from the soul-less Romanesque-like architecture with the urge to find the place where they have seen it from the tower although many said that was not the heaven that they learned from books. The gods were terrorized by the fact that, the leftist managed to manipulate the majorities into believing that the ascension of the leftist is a miracle and grace from God. And it will certainly come to a point that will threaten the fictional divine they once imposed in the minds of people as prophecize by the thinkers in The Ministry Of Imagination. However, the chaos did not arise from the bottom but it actually started from the heaven itself. And the truth about The Heaven was not all inhabitants and gods agreed with the role they played and how things actually functioned because there were sheer numbers of them were not entirely the supporters of the neo-capitalist. Some of them were forced to become one because of their family business was part of the conspirator that invented The Heaven and Destiny system around 100 years ago while some of them came from the leftist family was threatened to convert their beliefs and if they deny their offer, they will send all the leftist straight to the pit of misery. Hence, the descendants were forced to bury their light side for the sake of peace. However, they still believe that the dream and myth of the awakening would become a reality in the near future.

“They walked and sailed across the seven seas. What they saw in their eyes was miraculous. It was the new leftist settlement in the Far East. They saw people building something so big that it covers the whole land surrounding by villages. It was their mission to join them and help them build the kingdom for us too. It was collective. Eventually, the people no longer call themselves the leftist but Seraphicents ever since a new charismatic leader was elected .” - Gretel the elder, Blossom City.

In actu, not all hope was lost during the reign of The Heaven. The hibernation period of the leftist was a facade designed as a backdrop to fake death so that they could hide their activities under the hood. No one exactly knew what happened to them during the hibernation. For instance, were they planning, building and developing new interventions under the hood? Many thought that the incident was just a legend with no proofs to certify their existence since the ministry has long concealed all the memories from the public and the gods who inhabit on the Heaven thinks that they were really gone for good. The leftist sleeping chamber was real but they didn't sleep for 200 years without in contact with the reality. Nevertheless, the sleeping chamber was the most advanced architecture that prolongs the members of the society's lifespan which it is almost like the machine that was invented to produce a society that is capable enough to build a world for the left to save the lost sheeps under The Heaven. The leftist society has been sending their troops in rotational basis to all around the world to expand their religion and gain resources from the world beyond the wall and beneath the ground. In addition, the world that they were building was anonymously huge according to the plan they had to propose two centuries ago. Hence, The Umbrella blossoms were, in fact, a theatrical ritual before the kingdom storm the skies from the seven seas.

Destiny machine

“A wonderland came from nowhere, floating on our sky, lit with colourful lights. Our papa called that a Fairy Castle. All the joyous fairies, talking animals, animated objects and etc that celebrate life inhabit in that castle. I saw the castle passed by my house and the fairies one day. They waved their hand at me then invited me to join them. Our papa then told us that is must be an omen, a good one since the legend says that only the pure and lighted hearted beings will see them. Papa also told us that they are here to bring us to a place where we can appreciate life.” - Chapter 2, Five Books of Fairytale for children.

The kingdom that the leftist built was as mysterious as The Heaven above, but it is well known for its scale that is capable enough to hijack a state according to the five books of the fairytale for children. However, it makes the heaven question themselves again that what if these fairytales they published were actually real as 40 years ago they have caught a number of leftist secret agent serving them in various ministries. Most of them were placed in the black box, tormented them with isolation and sucking out all the thoughts that constructed back of their head but hitherto no details were found. The case was concluded as a conspiracy that caused by the regime's insecurity. Alas, this event kickstarted the inner conflict on The Heaven as many Gods were unsatisfied with the outcome of the investigation. Some accused the Ministry of Inspection has deflected their place in The Heaven to assist the leftist to succeed their revolution while some suspected that the Gods who led the Ministry were the leaders of the leftist too because there was been much security breaching case happened even before they have caught the undercovers at the latter years. Eventually, the conspiracy theories from the inner circle ended up among the Heavenly public thus it triggered a riot on The Heaven for the first time. The Ministry of Governance was thrilled by such alien reactionary act as such public exercise of power was long gone after The Gods have provided equal abundance to every inhabitant.

“I remembered that Tea Party that the Ministry of Governance organised. We were the one who prepared the food and beverage for the party as we have been serving The Father for 200 years roughly. And normally our kitchen will design a specific menu for the specific occasion. For parties, all our dishes contained Valium and weed to spice up the party. The most important thing on The Heaven is to be happy and get rid of sadness - Lord chef Kit, Daily Food Corps.

And in order to prevent any violence to occur, the Ministry of Governance invited everyone to a Tea Party that was held at the House of Gods to discuss the news and the resolution. Nevertheless, the opening of House of God and the grandiose tea party was a political strategy to draw the anger of the people away and indoctrinate them with the pleasure of not crossing the political boundaries. Hence, everyone was indulging in their own desire of hedonism, no debates and critiques session was carried out during the gathering. All those disagreements and frustrations were completely gone. All of them were once again on the same page with the highest authority after taking the food and listening to the speech given by the Gods. They left the place with a whole new different topic, no one remembered what why for this party. Trust and order were regained after that event for a long time until today, the 6th day of April.


Fear no longer controls the people as they witness something hopeful presented in front of them. The image of heaven was destroyed and reformed on that day as the heaven that they have imagined came alive but the people have yet to know the truth about The Heaven they looked up to. The exodus of the people has shaken the stability of The Heaven. Ministry of Governance urged the Ministry of imagination to used their arsenal to mess up the minds of the people by injecting newly developed nightmarish memories into their brain. Some of the crowd fainted after seeing the artificial flashback while there's group of elderly people died from sudden heart arrest. However, for those who successfully went to the Blossom City won't be affected by the influx of toxic memories. The Ministry of imagination's arsenal were also capable of replacing individual memories by overdosing them with false memories. Thus, those who were sleeping at the moment were targeted as their subjects so that they could retain some peoples that would be loyal to The Heaven. The whole condition was so dreadful and chaotic as if all the people were suffered from the critical mental illness like Bipolar disorder dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia that ran out from the Mental institutions turning the city into Dante’s inferno-like asylum.

Mayday, memory has leaked

“The world consumed and reproduced by mankind approximately three centuries ago during the final days of Anthropocene thus most narratives and memories destroyed and kept away. In short, they called it the planetary reformation. Hence, today ain't as free as yesterday by de facto, perhaps there's no actual freedom after all in the reign of the right and The freedom that the people embrace is just an illusion created by the ministries to cover up the complex setup of massive control like using quantum network system to control the content that every individual has developed in his/her own mind. The quantum network system was actually the technology that links The destiny machine and the emotions regulator with human minds. The content was their biggest enemy, and history was just a piece of the jigsaw of all things. Alas, they were able to exert the control towards society under the hood was because we gave them the permission and helped invented the destiny machine in the past.”- The Leftist leader, Blossom City

It was a horrifying situation. The people who looked back at their city tore badly because some of their family members did not make it to the other side with them. Hopes were all gone for the innocence. At that time, they were confused, lost and helpless. They start questioning about their god and the whole cosmology of The Heaven whether it is just a fiction or an untamed power use by the government. Hence, it made the leftist fear about obscure and unregulated emotions of the people would bring chaos to the transitional city of Blossom. The only strategy the leftists have was to declare the truth to everyone, but the challenge was the people has lost faith in reality since truth is no longer true. By opening the archive to everyone and establishing a small conference was the only the way to get people to know the truth. The archive was different as most of the collections are physical objects like artifacts, manuscripts, and et cetera item that could document time and story. Whereby, the archive in the city was a data center that only contains data machines, computers, and soul-less memory banks. At this moment in time, the archive becomes the prologue of the new chapter.

“It is not the fault in our stars but it is the fault in ourselves. Furthermore, we called this a generation of brain dead, a generation where brain become the slave to maintain the stability of the enclave. It was no longer the era of monitored thoughts but implanting designed thoughts because it is glitch free based on the researcher and inventor's data. Hence, there's no ego and thoughts were actually produced among the people for 200 years. In fact, their concept of self-were haywire and almost artificial like the androids.” - The Leftist Leader, Blossom City.

From that day onwards, the archive is no longer a storage for the past but a town hall, library, school and a place where there's freedom. The people gravitated towards the archive because the artefacts and pieces of information in it could let them understand what is the definition of being "real" and "truth". They were afraid at first as they were brought up in a society that they were forbidden to understand history and memories in which to them all these stuff are as contagious as an incurable virus. Surprisingly, they fell in love with it from the first sight and touch despite the fundamental idea they had in their head still bugs them. They were surprised by all the narrative of the artefacts as all the information were so alien yet somehow familiar to them. The Leftist leader gave a speech to all of them regarding about the memories, history and truth as well as a reason why they can't cope with the new situations. He did not force them to believe everything he said. The crowd were stunned at the leader speech and followed by an awkward silence as if they were being possessed by some ancient demonic spirit. But no, the people actually started to think for the first time in 200 years. It was a good omen for change to the leftist but it was a sign of tide to The Heaven as well.

“It will be the end of our days since everyone has failed to carry out the Gods’ duty. And it is a shame to be a god on The Heaven. Always remember that love is blind, love is violence, therefore, love must be restrained and controlled so that we can be robust enough to avoid any mental and emotional manipulation because emotions will affect our rational judgement. Any god who has high empathy level will bring apocalypse to The Heaven.”- The Father

Meanwhile, all Gods were gathered at the House of Gods to discussed the chaos now. All of them who were able to attend the meeting are considered as the Gods of gods. The one who holds the most power of all was the one who is in charge of the Ministry of Governance and he was also the architect for the whole Cosmology of Heaven. All gods looked up to him as an actual Holy Father. The House of God is a place where Gods think and debate their ruling strategy. Basically, it is the only place where unregulated thinking is made possible. During the meeting, the father told everyone the short-lived legacy about them was coming to an end as he sensed that there's the lack of ruthlessness and too much empathy in them. One of the gods stood up and deny the father's accusation with guts. The god was from the Ministry of Globe, one of upper tier ministry representative argue that for generations the people below them have already lived under their deliberate enclave of fiction and they have snatched away their ego, their soul thus the people were living like one of their superintelligent androids. The Father stared at the soon to be traitor of his regime like a berserker. But that horrifying gaze did not stop him from attacking the regime with more offensive speech. Words like planetary genocide and planetary eugenic revealed The Father’s hidden plan. It was only the rebellious god was feeling and thinking differently from the rest of the communities. Thus, The crystal guards rushed into the house of gods and handcuffed the god’s arm and cover his face with a headgear that can silent someone speeches in real time. He tried hard to break free from the guards but failed when the guards used the stun gun on him. The Father then commanded the guards to bring him to the Ministry of mental for psychiatric rehabilitation. The god broke the rule because of his high level of empathy detected in his speeches.

“How ruthless can we be as a human, tell me! We were humans before we hacked our shell. Thus, this still does not make us a god! Which means the people down there to share the same as ours! How much we still need to take from them? We own their lives, it makes them have no difference between animal and robots! And we proclaimed ourselves as a sacred god.”- God of Globe, Ministry of Globe

Everyone in the House of God was indoctrinated with ideology about love and violence imposed by The Father. The meeting was continued right after the god of the globe was carried out by the crystal guards as if the loss of one big shot was not a big deal. However, the gods did not deny that the fact they were facing a doomsday-like situation would have the capability to threaten their god-like status. Many suggested to The Father that the most efficient way to stop it was to crush the Leftist pop-up city like ants once and for all by using their military force. Nonetheless, The Father was thinking that the initiations of destruction from their side was an unwise move that will definitely destroy the faith that the people have in Gods. Thus, it will destroy the god at the later stage. And above all the reasons, it was also The Father has a bad feeling about the sudden invasion of leftist right after the memory leakage was just a prologue and his intuition told him that something much powerful is coming for The Heaven. The God from the Ministry of Inspection then stood up and suggested a coup d’etat by sending undercover Gods into Blossom City.

Ministry of imagination

“When the light touches the ground, the cloud no longer guards the portal to the sky, the truth will be revealed when the kingdom with thousands of seraphicents emerged from the skies while the pale white self-proclaimed Kingdom of god unhides themselves from the cloud.” - Oracle, The Book of Coming

The bell started to ring again but the rhythm was graceful and serene. The sky was crystal clear, hence letting the sunlight shines on the city. The people were amazed by the beauty of the bright clear sky as if they saw it for the very first time in their life. They saw hope in the blossoming city as their leader recited the prophecy written by their ancestors. Our kingdom is coming. The gods of The Heaven sees the great reduction of the fake cloud generated by them. The Father was not surprised by it and it seems like he already knew what was coming. Nevertheless, The Heaven was not prepared for such scale of attack that came so soon after the meeting of Gods although The Heaven is well designed to withstand any invasion. The kingdom of seraphicents came in peace where they just wanted The Heaven to reveal the honest truth to the people and collaborate with them to fix the future. The seraphicents hope this confrontation does not cost any lives. One side seeks control while one side seeks for balance.

“Hong, honey, I have something to show you all! I went up to the Heaven today with my boss, it was unbelievably real and I am not making this up!.” The Gods and Heaven are not a myth, they are real! Here's the spy shot I took when we were up there meeting some Ministers! Here are the photographs of Ministry of Imagination. However, I was only allowed to visit this particular level of the vast heaven. The place was quiet and cool. Honestly, honey, I do not feel good about The Heaven. Anyways, it was real and alive. I need some time to digest what I have seen. Son, I would like you to have this photo, keep it properly and make only you and your mom know about this photo.” - The journalist, Journal de la vie

One man in blossom city took out an old photo of The Heaven and shown it to the people beside him as they see the silhouette of a gigantic structure appeared in the sky. The man kneels down and started praying to the silhouette which he believed that it is The Heaven. Then all the people followed what the man does accept the leftist populations who constantly telling the people that The Heaven they believed in it all time was a just a fiction created by the elites around two hundred years ago when earth needs to be reborn. In the meantime, some of the gods from the Ministry of Infantry has infiltrated into the Blossom City to carry out the coup d’etat assigned by The Father. The gods wanted to break the trust and faith that the people have in the leftists of the Blossom City by creating chaos inside out. The Father wanted to use the lives in Blossom City as his hostage to gain leverage on winning the battle against The Seraphicents because he knew that they will do anything to save the innocence. At this point, both kingdoms finally met each other face to face.

“AL and Tierie won the Nobel prize for their extraordinary scientific discovery again. Their Bio-computational metabolism research had allowed human to prolong their lifespan and stop-ageing. And not long ago, they invented Cortex-o, a chip that could unlock human full potential on absorbing all kinds of knowledge. The duos are the messiahs of our generation, they are here to change the way how a human being live now and in the near future. Are we closer to the dream of becoming an immortal?- 2100, Scientific American

The Seraphicents leader, Tierie walked down to The Heaven to meet The Father at the main gate. The Father was accompanied by 8 crystal guards during the meet up while Tierie came without any protection but with a book holding on his right hand as if he was meeting a friend casually. However, the guard was not in an offensive position. Tierie eventually walks past the guards to The Father at ease. The gods were watching from afar when Tierie finally sees The Father in the eye at a close distance. Tierie passed the book to The Father then they fist bumped and parted without a single speech. Everyone was curious about the gesture and about the book that Tierie passed to The Father. What everyone saw was both sides returned to their own party with great disappointment showing on their face. Tierie then commanded their people to shut down the Ministry of Globe and the Ministry of Imagination as both were the main pillars of The Heaven. The Father commanded the infiltrators in the Blossom City to start the chaos by burning all the archives like the madmen while steering the conflict with different sets of hate speeches.

“Without sacrifices, there will no be progress and power will be weakened. Leftist is soft because they do not understand the idea of power, being objective and less is more. Less voice means more abundances. Why would we need so many opinions when the majority of them fails? Leftist is insecure and weak! But we are the right, we built The Heaven, therefore, we will forever be the new gods!” - The Father

The leftist leader shot a red flare at the sky declared the 6th of April as the judgement day. The sky is falling but salvation is coming. Blossom City was on fire while the Ministry of the Globe was shut down by itself because the gods who operated the Ministry were the Seraphicents’ undercover from the start. Hence, the borders that control and scrutinized the designed fictions to organise the society were disrupted. However, it was challenging when comes to demobilize the Ministry of Imagination due to its massive scale and the heavy surveillance. Time was running out as Blossom City was heading to the path of no return. Alas, blood was shed in Blossom City killing half of the populations. Blood flows like a river during the first rain of the year, tears were shed by many witnessing on top of their world. Some Gods were watching the whole atrocious events live in the Ministry of Report and most of them were disgusted by the act while The Father was delighted by it. The devil’s act somehow distracted Tierie's attention towards demobilizing the Ministry of Destiny. Therefore, The Seraphicents’ islands were dispatched from the kingdom to rescue the people from such cruelty.

Thousands of islands descended from the sky gracefully. The bright light emitted from the Seraphicents’ islands turned the dark sky into a bright white sky. The Blossom City was lit with hope, the violence slowed down as all them were curious, hopeful and panic at the same time about the objects coming down from the sky. The preys never stop running away from their predators until they saw the so-called angels descending from the skies. However, it was an ambiguous moment because all of them did not know which side they will be standing with.  The angels were here either to protect or destroy them completely. However, The Seraphicents believe that conflicts occurred in the Blossom City were purely The Father’s deceptive plot to break their principles. They vowed not to use force and violence to stop the mess before they came to the rescue. Hence, sleeping gases were released from vessels to put everyone into hibernation when they almost reached the ground.

The Awakening

“The creator of Haste Guardians has made a public apology about the terrible act of terror caused by Model-01G_raiden in the press conference this morning at Town Hall, Beijing, China. The company will support the victims’ family by paying them a lump sum money that it is enough for them to move on with life and the creator also highlighted that the company will re-evaluate Haste ‘s artificial intelligence glitches. He also hoped that the public could treat this as an opportunity to know their threats can be a fully artificial intelligence powers surveillance machine. He closed the speech with a bow and an apology again.” - Reporter, CNI News

Tierie then commanded his people who were on the ground to search for the Gods among them and bring them back to the kingdom. In the meantime, an army of seraphicents was landed on The Heaven for the sake to immobilize the Ministry of Imagination as well as to free the prisoners from the black box. At this very moment, The Heaven became an Emergency state upon witnessing the world below them has taken care by The Kingdom of Seraphicents. All Gods were gathered in the House of Gods with The Father for refuge while planning another attack and backup plans for them to escape from this misery. The Ministry of Infantry released their battalions of finest Crystal Army to defend their Heaven and show no mercy to those who wanted to bring down the House of God. As the Seraphicents’ Cavalry Marched towards the Ministry of Imagination, the Crystal guards positioned themselves in a defensive position along the entrances. However, The Crystal Guards were no match for the Seraphicents’s troop as they have pioneered a sui generis disruptive technology that the could disrupt the artificial cortex of the guards. Thus, getting into the Ministry was a piece a cake.

“Tierie, I think we underestimated our invention. If we keep pushing it to the limit, we might change the world again. We should try. Because we can understand and take control of something more than our bodies, like consciousness, human memory and the human mind. What if sleep time can be work time, and learn time, wouldn't it will be better than just hibernation? Probably, we will uncover the truth and the proof the idea of shared consciousness. Hence, we can find out how our creators think and find them! Just imagine if we obtained the true knowledge of singularity, we do need to change the world but to create one! We can be the new gods! Isn’t that wonderful?” - AL

Tierie moved into the Ministry of Imagination to find the Black Box, the Hanging Prisons of The Heaven. The prisons were suspended in mid-air above the Ministry of Imagination. Men and women who were locked in the Black Box were the greatest thinkers of all time. They were punished for their extraordinary ability to think subversively as well as their rare ability to lead. The Gods thought that their abilities would a threat to their reign. Therefore, the black box was designed to contain and hijack their brain to generate organic data as a fuel for the Destiny Machine to function. The Black Box was a hibernating machine that is capable of reading human consciousness was originally patented by Tierie and his Partner to experiment methods of extending human lifespan around 250 years ago. However, all went down to drain when his partner betrayed him turning that machine into an apparatus of hegemony so that he could use it to gain power. The Father knew Tierie would rescue their old friends from the Black Box before shutting down the most important ministry. He threatened Tierie that he would kill all of them with no mercy with just one push on the red alert button on his desk if he dares to touch the Black box. Tierie reminded The Father once again that both of them started this, everything was invented by accident and it was invented to save lives not taking away from them. Hence, he came to end all this.

“Sir, can I ask you a few question before we run the diagnostic test? Alright, we are going to show you a set of visuals. It is the combination of both photos and videos. And What we need you to do is just look at the image for a minute then tell us what do you feel. Okay, system sync. According to the report, it says that you can’t achieve your goals all the time due to distractions that were driven by your empathy and love. You tried but at the end, you ended up pleasing people because you can’t be ruthless. However, it is not your fault to be like that. You were born with your ancestor's bad genes. Based on our system, it says that you have extraordinary high level of Oxytocin in your blood. Oxytocin is love hormone. Too much of that ain’t good for your life. But don’t worry about that, we will fix you. First, We will lower down Oxytocin by injecting the Anti-Oxytocin formulated drug into your bloodstream. Then we will send you to a retreat in a forest for 3 months without any worldly contact. Lastly, we will have to provide you with some pills to regulate the Oxytocin produced by the posterior pituitary gland.” - Dr Karr, Act Med Inc

The Seraphicents rushed into the Ministry of Imagination building and ordered the inhabitants to leave the place as they were planning to execute something that was risky. And the Seraphicents were surprised that the inhabitants left voluntarily. Their face carried an expression that symbolized joy and freedom. The Ministry of Imagination itself was a huge megalomaniac architecture. Thus searching for the core control room of the Destiny Machine was more challenging than shutting it down. Later, the Seraphicents found out that it was buried deep underneath the Ministry of Imagination and the eye of the God of Globe was needed to unlock the entrance that leads to the control centre. However, the God was kept away in rehab asylum by The Father due to his incompetence. No one knew where the asylum was located, not even knew the Gods. Many thought that such facility does not exist as no one has the will to go against The Father’s order so whether the place exists or not, it doesn't matter to them. All they have in their minds were any Bravehearts whom rebel will perish. Only The Father and his eight Crystal Guards would know.

Judgement day

“And so we made a deal with AL to be part his experiment without Tierie's consent. They were our friends and we wanted to support any ideas that came out from any one of them. Like AL’s recent ideas about knowing the capacity of consciousness. Very subversive and experimental. Most of us were actually captivated by it. Hence, we suggested AL to execute an experiment to prove his theory and the practicality of it. Tierie was actually quite unhappy about AL’s idea maybe because it is too brilliant and he bailed from this research for some unspoken personal reasons. 9 of us including AL kickstarted the journey of new discovery. However, we experienced countless failure along the way and found new kind of knowledge. The development of Black Box to the next level was difficult as we all found out that the short hibernation to cultivate the “Major cortex”, the external brain for collective consciousness as we can’t figure why did we fail. After countless days of meetings and doing risk calculations, we all finally decided to take the risk for a longer duration of hibernation to keep this exploration alive. Four of us was selected for the sleep while four of them remain awake to study the whole thing.” - Kin

The heaven was no longer hidden in the fake clouds as The kingdom of Seraphicents has successfully deactivated the Cloud machine. Tierie no longer has the patience to play mind games with The Father as he knew that his long lost friend has already lost the match. He walked past The Father’s hologram to the Eden of Black Box telling him that the people in the box including them should have died a long time ago. Thousands of seraphicents island was landed across the land while Tierie was trying to convince The Father to surrender or else he will bring him down. The hologram vanished right after the long-winded conversation. The Gods in the house of gods were helpless and they had already planned to surrender as they saw the land below has taken over by Seraphicents. And in fact, they were amazed by the view of the world below them. It was beautiful, colourful and lively. The Father then walked into the House of God with a gun on his hand accompanied by his eight crystal guard. He killed everyone in the house including himself. However, The Father has ordered his Crystal Guard to pass a letter to Tierie and lead them the way to find God of Globe before the massacre happened.

“Dear Tierie,

It has been a very long time ever since we have spoken to each other like the old times when we were young, all about ideas. But at some point, everything changed when both of us became somebody. We were both insecure about the power that the government and people gave to us. I often question myself, were we fighting for the power all the time? Honestly, I did not give up my own principles of saving and improve mankind! Just with different method compared to yours. I didn’t know that it would screw up that I have lost control over my desire and greed. More just became more! And it was not supposed to be like this, all technologies we founded and invented along the way when you abandoned us started from a bright side. I hope you can put this apparatus to good use that benefits everyone. Knowledge should belong to the people, we shall not play god. Perhaps you were right that all of us should have died a long time ago. I started this 200 years regime of the dark, I will end it with my own bare hands. You must stay alive because my intuition told me there are people like living among us. The clock is ticking, Thank you my brother and I am sorry.”. - AL

Tierie read the letter ten years after The Heaven has fallen apart. No one won or lose. It was balanced for both worlds. However, The Destiny machine did not shut down because the God of Globe has dug out his both and burn it into ashes when the Seraphicents found him in an exile chamber. It was depressing back then when the plan almost worked perfectly as planned to free the people but Tierie thinks it may be “God’s” plan that everything happens for a reason. The Ministry of imagination was turned into the Ministry of Memories where Destiny Machine was converted into an archive that documents the history of self while the people no longer dictated by a preordained fate. Therefore, all people regained their own ego, self and the ability to think. The fictions that the Ministry of Imagination invented back then were used to help people with sleeping and mental disorder. Nevertheless, the abundance that the Heaven has stored where given back to society. The notion of The Heaven and the self-proclaimed new gods were ceased to exist once and for all. Therefore, beyond good and evil, balance is vital because greatness can be oppressive as well. In addition, to be able to think and express as a human was a gift from our creator. No one shall deify himself as god and no one shall deny the culture of religion even it is just folklore but to respect it as a form of tradition that has kept mankind alive. At last, Tierie told his people that if one day the great seraphicents became tyrants, the people should bring them down like how they worked together to demobilize the haven. Alas, one thing that still kept Tierie awake every night was the incident of the Black Box.

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