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The parts of the Jokevic Stool was an extraction from the Ubuiquitous Monobloc Stool – an object, a stool we see daily with little amount of appreciation as it is perceived as a product easily attained. Upon further investigation of the Ubiquitous Monobloc Stool, we found out that given its design being so perfect in a way that it is lightweight and stackable – this fulfills part of the design brief and development. The monobloc stool functions like an architectural system that is feasible to be implemented as a storage structure. Jokevic stool is a designed modular unit that is user-friendly in the sense that prior lesson to using it is not required. It is a cognitive product whose manual is encrypted in its user. The rigid structure albeit minimal component makes it easy to be packed for moving purposes. Jokevic stool forms a modular unit by stacking up the base of a plastic stool using the designed connectors. Having the monobloc stool cut into rationed pieces does not mean that it is handicapped, but it is easily turned back into a normal working stool by connecting the right pieces together. Finally, philosophical wise, the undervalued monobloc stool could be significantly upholded by transforming it into something that is more prominent than just stools.

Team members:  Ken Lim, Victoria Chew, Jowin Foo, TSMS

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