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The deafening sound of the Culnature song which composed by the voices of the vast variation of beings were transmitted in the speed of light where the sound of the birds chirping were not longer presence in the composition and the voice of the human being was dominated by the sound of the androids. Things has metamorphosed. it was devastating and ugly. Human being anatomy has evolve and revised into a mystifying state. They looked more like a distorted turtle-like being with a short neck where gravity is pulling their head to face down to the ground making them have perplexity in real life communication. The world became so prosaic and more hideous than a zombie influenza outbreak where human interactions are unseen and emotionless but what was seen is the communication between the androids and androids. The souls and spirits departed from the tangible body and dwelled in the body of virtual and codes, Human beings has became the pillar of eternal damnation on earth ever since they have abandoned their nature in physical interaction and communications over interactions thru androids as well as devoting to bread than love. Culture and human nature once held the throne of humanity since day one of earth are no longer ruling the reign and bloodlines of humanity ever since we have overthrow it. The anthropoid broke and renounce the bonds of our culture, tradition and nature behind letting it to perish in vain. All because we have gone berserk like a hungry and gluttonous serpent, yearning for something beyond Moirai, an Arcadia of everlasting abundance with our bare hands, but it turned out to became an inhuman nemesis to humanity.  The chaos came too soon and consumed partial of mortal. The divine divided us into two races, which the ones who has landed his/her foot on the dark side and consume by chaos are called the Dissentiousents, while the others who still hold the light and bloodlines are called the Seraphicents. We, the Seraphicents hold the sword of cosmos shall salvage the innocent Dissentiousents from chaos, the one who entrusted the nemesis of chaos shall perish in vain

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