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This is an unpublished working proposal for the Serpentine Pavilion 19' (London, United Kingdom).


It was conceptually drawn and animated as a competing entry for the virtual pavilion organized by the Serpentine Gallery/ institution. We wanted to explore the notion of augmented reality beyond what we all already knew from the science fiction culture since the '80s which highly emphasized the visual-virtual extension. We wanted to stretch the idea of augmented reality beyond its own genre by reinforcing that "A.R IS NOT ABOUT YOUR EYES" nor computer vision mapping but it is more about "Augmenting the presence of space that engages with our cognitive abilities that could draw our memory back from the schema". In cognitive theory, our visual sensory organ (eyes) by de facto has the ability to pull in more information than other sensory organs and could change the way we perceive a spatial reality. However, the augmentation of reality needed more than the power of the eye; To augment is to disrupt our existing schema (Virtual map/script). Hence, we think apart from the eye, we can hack our sense of smell by augmenting the smell of the existing site and perhaps others in the later stage. Serpentine and Hyde Park is our testbed. This merely not an atypical architecture installation that demonstrates the tectonics but a lab that helps us understand the intersection of cognitive science, built environment and human behavior.

© JFXA Copyright

Team members:  Huisim Chan, Jowin Foo

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